Website updated!

As you can see (those of you who actually visit this site from time to time…) the website has a new look.? Many thanks to Randall who spent a lot of time migrating the posts from the old website to the new one as well as creating the new look.? Those of you who had registered at the old site, in the next few days (or weeks) expect an e-mail with your user name and password to the site.? This will allow you to submit your own articles directly to the site, or comment on stories and articles that others have submitted. ? If you are the author of a post, you also have the ability to edit the posts which you have written.

At this time, Brad and Randall are the “admins” of the site, but we would be happy to have more people to assist and contribute, you need only to ask.? Hopefully, everyone will find the new site much more user friendly and easier to use.

This site can be used as much or as little as people wish, I personally go for weeks without looking at it, but this could give us the ability to keep in touch with each other if people start using it.