Ancestors of Loyd Scantling Jones (Family Tree Maker)

Here is an ancestral report using Loyd Jones, the oldest child of Dexter
and Lottie Jones as the primary individual. Keep in mind that this is a
work in progress that may contain errors. Much of the material is
believed to be accurate, but some may not be sourced. I would encourage
each of you to print this report, DATE IT AT THE TOP and file it away in
your photograph library. As I find major details, I will update the
family tree to reflect the new data. If someone in your family has an
interest in genealogy, encourage them to join our “team”. The more people
doing research the better.
Thanks…. Larry

Armistice Day, November 11, 1918

From Deck and Lottie

Dexter & Lottie Jones with Kids: Loyd, Marion, Ruth, Orpha & Emitt

(L-R)The Jones Family: Loyd, Dexter, Marion, Ruth, Lottie, Orpha, Emitt

Deck and his family went into town on November 11th 1918 expecting to say good bye to Deck Jones as he was leaving for the army. When they arrived in town, they were told World War I was over. The kids were all in new clothes sewn by Lottie. So they decided to have a picture made.
Bertha Mae Jones Hurley, Loyd?s daughter share copies of this with everyone at the reunion this past weekend.