59th Annual Jones Reunion

59th Annual Jones Reunion

Hey, Joneses

What: 59th Annual Jones Reunion
When: August 10, 2024
Where: Northpoint UPC ( Sperry Church)

Randall did a straw poll on the Ransom Jones Facebook page and it seems the August 10th is the best fit. As most of you know the Jones family has deep roots in the Sperry church and once again they have agreed to us using the fellowship hall!

I hope that I am notifying you all early enough to allow for changes to schedules. Hopefully there are no campmeetings, pow-wows, weddings, funerals or anything to interfere with everyone attending! I’m asking that all of us make an extra effort to attend the reunion.

I have said it before but will say it again….. Some of you have kids and grandkids that we have never seen! Please make an all out effort to get your families committed to coming. If you have anyone that is hesitant please let me know and I will try the persuade them.

As you know we had a fantastic time at the Holiday dinner and this will be no exception. We are planning special activities for all! We may even be able to persuade the Sperry Quartet to perform again. Some of you missed that at the Holiday Dinner!

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Love you all!

Cuz Steve

Note: You can connect with The Descendants of Ransom Jones Facebook group here.