Room for Pictures

Hello Everyone,
At the Jones reunion a few weeks back, Steve Jones mentioned that with so many people taking pictures at the reunion every year. We should find a way to share these pictures with everyone. We now have 20 gigs of storage for pictures. In layman?s terms we have room for a whole lot of pictures, and can have as many albums as we want. I?m uploaded the pictures from various occasions (including reunion) I scanned from Orpha Briggs? collection, and ones I?ve taken myself.

You can view these albums by going to:

We invite everyone to share your old and new family pictures. So if you have pictures from your collection and would like to share, just let me know and I can add you as a contributor where you can upload pictures directly to the web albums. You can either upload to an existing album, or I can create one specifically for you.
Or you can also email any pictures you would like added and I can upload them for you.

Also we revamped the site a little. It would also be great to get some new family stories and anecdotes for the site, so if you feel like writing something down or already have something written down. Send it over and we?ll get it added.

For anyone who may not know, the header image is from a picture of a painting by Lois Jones, of the Deck and Lottie Jones homeplace in Sperry.

Thanks for your time!

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