Good reunion

Thanks to all of you who could break loose and spend the day Saturday at Sequoyah State Park. We had a great turnout (about 70) and the air conditioning was “mahvelous”. The surrounding park was beautiful, and while driving through the pines to the facility, I spotted about a dozen wild turkey hens scavenging through the pine needles. Several people came to me and told me they really liked the facility, and asked me to book it next year. I will research all of the available camp sites at the park, including the group camp facility. I plan to try to set aside a “room block” at the main lodge (Western Hills Lodge). There are cabins and several prices of rooms, and if a few families really want to make a full weekend event at the park, they could reserve one of the rooms. Since we are not at the mercy of Lutherhoma to book particular weekends, we can be more flexible with our dates. Some have suggested a cooler time of the year while school is out. My first thought would be for a date around the third weekend in June. I realize that any date during the summer would be vulnerable to certain ones being on vacation. One influencing factor would be the availability of facilities at the park. Give me your thoughts on the date change.

Thanks to everyone for the plaque, card and the hand-carved cedar cane crafted by our patriarch Uncle Johnny, and presented to me just before lunch. It was a show of appreciation for the 35 enjoyable years I have spent as the organizer of the reunion. This made my weekend and my year, and I truly was overwhelmed by the gesture.


From 2011-08-20 Jones Reunion 2011
From 2011-08-20 Jones Reunion 2011

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