Auto-Fun – by Rachel Jones Martens


Dad got a Hupmobile while we were at Barnsdall.

It was a big, wine-colored car–very fancy–with velvet seats. Madeline tried to drive it one time and ran right through the gate. Wes and Johnnie drove it when they were home, but Dad had to drive it when they left home. Dad drove W I L D. It had a clutch, and he would just about jerk us to pieces. He never did learn to drive it right. Dad would pull out in front of someone and say, ?They better get out of my way.???

One day Dad picked up Doris? dad in town. While bringing him home down a long hill, Dad forgot to brake. He was yelling ?Whoa”, while the car kept going faster and faster.

When Richard was overseas, James was little, and Orpha was pregnant with Larry, I stayed with them. Dad came to take Orpha to the hospital. The car broke down–and someone else had to take her on to the hospital.

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