Johnnie and Wes – by Rachel Jones Martens


Johnnie & Wes really had fun–at my expense.

Johnnie told me in recent years that they loved the way I reacted to them–so it made their pranks very fun. One day they had been out to the barn. When they came in, they said, ?Shut your eyes and hold out your hands. It?s a surprise.” They filled my hands full of slimy, hairless, tiny baby mice. I threw the mice at them.

Another time, there were a lot of people sitting out in the yard. Johnnie and Wes had no shirts on, and they were catching fireflies and sticking them on their skin so that they glowed in the dark. They chased me; and I ran into the house and dove under the bed. They followed me all the way.

They would put blankets over my head and hold me down, because I was claustrophobic and would fight like a pole cat. I hated it!

Johnnie called me Chachie Mae, Freck, Fatso, Short, and Lula Belle (after the cartoon character Lula Belle, because she fought back).

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