Grave Marker Fund Complete. Rebates available

Greetings again:
The fund for the marker to be placed on the graves of the three young Jones brothers in the Chelsea cemetery is complete. Thanks for the great response! I have totaled the pledges and have reduced the donations of $50 or more to just $31.50 to prevent collecting too much money. If you pledged under $31.50 just send the original amount promised.

The following grandchildren and children (and their families) of Deck and Lottie Jones are sending donations to honor their uncles mentioned above their parents listed below.

Franklin and Janet Jones Howard and their children (Herbert Wesley Jones, 1920-2006)
Gene and Pat Jones Moore and their children (Herbert Wesley Jones)
Randall Murphy (Orpha Odessa Jones Briggs, 1917-2002)
Carolyn Thulin Kinney (Lois Irene Jones Thulin, 1934-1980)
Donnie and Judy Westbrook Marrs (Ruth Jones Marrs, 1916-2005)
Steve and Theresa Mize Jones (Earl Thomas Jones, 1927-1999)
Ron (Bunk) and Pam Williams Jones and family (John Cliff Jones, 1919- )
Larry and Terry Briggs and their children (Orpha Odessa Jones Briggs)
Gene and Bertha Mae Jones Hurley (Loyd Scantling Jones, 1911-1998)
Nathan and Cindy Jones Chamberlain (Loyd Scantling Jones)
Jayson and Stephanie Jones Stacy (William Edward Jones, 1937- )
William E. and Dorothy Jones (Dexter (1879-1961, & Lottie Huckaby Jones, 1889-1959)
Meredith and Ruth Martens Rogers (Rachel Mae Jones Martens, 1925- )
Children and their families of (Mary Madeline Jones Howard, 1922-1992)
Children and their families of (Sarah Juanita Jones Cook, 1923- )

Just send your checks made out to Larry Briggs, P.O. Box 999, Sperry, OK 74073. I will email you from Cancun with the next report. Just joking!! Again, do not send more than $31.50 to the fund. If you have already mailed a check for more than $31.50, I will send a refund.

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