43rd Annual Descendants of Ransom Jones Reunion

Hey Joneses:
This is the final reminder about the 43rd Annual Descendants of Ransom Jones Reunion this weekend at Camp Lutherhoma, east of Tahlequah, Oklahoma on the Illinois River (for newcomers who might not know this). The reunion will be held this coming Friday through noon Sunday. Some guests start arriving Friday morning and the official opening time is 12 noon on Friday. Everyone is encouraged to bring covered dishes and/or desserts on Saturday to share with others (Kentucky Fried will do in a pinch). The rates are the same as always. Guests staying overnight are charged $14 which includes Saturday. If you only attend Saturday, the charge is reduced to $5 per person. Camp Lutherhoma charges us this discounted fee as a compromise for those not staying overnight. If you stay the entire weekend, the total charge is $21 (only $7 for staying overnight Saturday night to Sunday). If you bring dinner guests on Saturday, you are responsible for their $5 visitor’s fee. Children ages 4 and under are free. I am told that the brand new pool is ready for use. Air-conditioned dormitory rooms are available, and private cabins (with fans) that will accommodate entire families can be used at no extra charge. Hotels are available in Tahlequah for persons wishing to stay off-campus at night.
Why not stay over Saturday night to enjoy the zesty and rewarding Sunday morning breakfast and brief cleanup period? Just pretend you’re going to Branson or to visit the spouse?s family and you won’t get in trouble at church. LOL
Directions for driving to Camp Lutherhoma are listed on the fantastic newly-configured www.ransomjones.com (click now) web site. You may also want to visit www.lutherhoma.com. By the way, if you have email addresses of others who may want to receive these updates, PLEASE send them to Larry at the address below. Also, we are not sending out letters, so if you have family members who won?t share their email addresses, please advise them of the dates!!
As always, please bring photographs even if you brought them last year. These stories will be added to the web site at a later date. If you have had changes to the down line on your family tree, please write down births, deaths, marriages, etc. so that I can add them to the master tree. Ransomjones.com courtesy of Brad and Randall Murphy.
See you there!
Larry Briggs

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