Great reunion!

Hey Joneses:
Thanks for making the 43rd Descendants of Ransom Marion Jones Reunion a great success. Almost one hundred people sacrificed to make the trip, having tailored their schedules to include the event. Lots of visiting, eating, pickin’, grinnin’, singin’ and photography took place. The new pool was a big hit, although the boys and girls were fighting over who had access all weekend. Some of our kindred were ill and could not make the trip, including Aunt Juanita in Illinois, and her family who were care givers and couldn’t attend. It was commendable for Aunt Rachel and Uncle Henry to make the long trip from Indiana despite recent illnesses. Uncle Johnny, who recently turned 90 years old, and his wife Kathleen were also there as always. Pat Moore and Janet Howard each came several hundred miles to attend, as did the Murphy’s from Texas.

Families of children of Ransom’s son Dexter and his wife Lottie Jones and the number in attendance for each:
Lloyd Jones – 20
Emmit Jones – 0
Ruth Marrs – 2
Orpha Briggs – 26
Johnny Jones – 6
Wes Jones – 2
Madeline Howard – 11
Juanita Cook – 0
Rachel Martens – 4
Earl Jones – 7
Frank Jones – 4
Lois Thulin – 4
Bill Jones – 6

Ransom’s son Ted Jones’ descendants in attendance – 1
Ransom’s son Cliff Jones’ descendants in attendance – 2

Many thanks to all
Larry Briggs

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